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Add a field called Sent#49

It hard to figure out how many emails were sent out in a day and which were sent, Joiurney step and start indicatore are not enough to understand when which email was sent out to whome.

Please add a field called Sent beside opens and clicks. That will help a ton

3 months ago

It’s already possible to see how many emails were sent per day. I don’t understand the “add a field called Sent beside opens and clicks” where exactly are you referring to? and what will it help with exactly, what are you trying to do?

11 days ago
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11 days ago

The report I get from quickmail is total email sent in a day.

What I am interested to know is which all prospects was sent that on a particular day. Since We add multiple list to a campaign we wish to analyze what was the ratio in which each list participated and then calculate list wise Open rates, bounce rates, etc.

Hence having a sent marker at an individual recipient level, will enable marketers to get deeper insights into performance of multiple list running in a single campaign

3 days ago